Europe's borders have fallen, and the world's countries are moving together. These circumstances do not only carry risks, but offer even more chances for daring companies.

GEOCON helps you to identify these opportunities and does accompany you on your way toward Eastern Europe.

GEOCON is a young, internationally active, and highly motivated company founded by several specialists in distribution who draw on their longstanding experience in the East European market.

GEOCON is a competent and integer contact for companies for which the pursuit of profit carries weight, but for which moral values and standards in dealings with business partner do equally matter.

For this purpose, the services we offer build first of all a foundation of trust for all concerned trade partners. On this basis, all partners are able to engage with confidence in prospective business activities in a sensitive market environment which is yet in a state of flux.

It is our declared aim to become a competent and long-term partner both for European and CIS companies on the basis of our persistence and reliability.